The 300% Project

Like many military women, you might hold several roles and have many demands on your life—all vital and difficult (if not impossible) to balance.  Your decision to serve has undoubtedly required some sacrifice and some difficult decisions unique to being you.  You did it anyway. 

In appreciation and admiration for your service, I would like to help tell your story and those of others.  The goal is to provide a source of support, inspiration, and truth that is right on time in some cases, and in others...long overdue.  The vast majority of available information and support related to “military women” focuses on the military wife.  Without question, the sacrifice of military wives is invaluable and immeasurable.  Their support network is vitally important.  It’s simply time to cast a wider net of support.

An internet search for women serving in the military or deployment yields a mixed bag of results.  There are stories of victory and there is disparaging, discouraging, and often inaccurate information and criticism.   Your commitment and sacrifice of service present their own set of unique challenges.  Judgment from those who don’t quite “get it” should not be one of those challenges.  What might it mean to see your story in others’ experiences and theirs in yours? What might the broader impact be?

My wife, Wendy, served our great nation for over 20 years before retiring from the Army.  At an early point in her career, she was cautioned that she must choose to be either a good wife, a good mother, or a good Soldier—success in all three would be impossible…33% in each would result in abject failure in all.  A seemingly impossible choice.  I am pleased to report that she “rocked” in every way for 18 more years of service.  Through every challenge, she shined like a star at work, even as she raised two beautiful, intelligent, and talented daughters.  As her husband, I could not be more content, and I am as much in-love with her today as I was on the day I met her. 
I would say she achieved 300%!

I would be honored and humbled if you would allow me to present your story to the world.  I want to know what motivates (or motivated) you to serve; what challenges and triumphs you’ve had; and what you might want other women to know for their own journey of service to our nation.  This project will be authentic and honest, including the good news and the struggle…courage and fear…deep meaning and redeeming triumph.   It’s also an opportunity to share the underlying drive behind true purpose, pure commitment, and unfathomable sacrifice.  Ultimately, this project will help countless others know that they are a part of a broader community who has “walked in their boots” and appreciates their sacrifice…first-hand. 

I’d like to know your “300%” story.


Mike Perry
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Retired
Army Husband

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