Mike and Wendy
Mike and Wendy Perry met while stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.  They married in 1998 and managed two careers, raising children, competing assignments, graduate school, command and leadership positions, and many other challenges facing dual military couples.  Through it all, they weren't perfect, but they stuck together through every trying time and each tough decision.  Wendy retired after 21 years of service in 2015, and Mike followed in 2016.

Michael E. Perry, Ph.D.

Wendy M. Perry


Executive Editor

Mike is a leadership consultant, trainer, and coach, and retired Army Psychologist.  During his military service of over 21 years, Mike held various leadership positions in the US and abroad.  His extensive experience in leadership and human performance are coupled with a particular passion for helping leaders to drive meaningful change and create unified culture.  Mike is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer for Catalyst Executive Advising & Development, LLC.
Wendy is a Registered Nurse and seasoned expert leader. During over 21 years of Army service, she worked at the Army's premiere medical centers and transformed organizations from Washington, DC to the Korean Peninsula.  Wendy is committed to mentoring aspiring leaders and, in particular, inspiring and empowering women in leadership.  Wendy is the Chief Executive Officer for Catalyst Executive Advising & Development, LLC.