How it Works

The 300% Project will be a collection of stories, assembled to provide the most compelling and impactful package possible.  We plan to use multiple forms of media, including print, electronic, video, and any platform which best carries your message.  

The first step is your desire to share your story with us.  At this point, we only want to know you are out there with a story to share.  We have prepared an information page for you to give us a bit of basic information.  Once we have reviewed your information, we may contact you with one of several requests:

-Request for an interview (either by telephone, video-chat, or in-person). There will be some requests for video-recorded interviews.

-Request for additonal written information

-Request for brief, video-recorded statements

A request for release of information will accompany any request for an interview, printed information, statements, etc.  We will obtain your permission prior to using your words or likeness in any form. 
Click HERE to submit your information